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Red Ember Mine Garnets are truly incredible. It consisted of almandine garnet crystals embedded in a shiny, dark silver graphite matrix; these were collected at the Red Embers mine in Erving, Franklin County, Massachusetts.  The graphite matrix had been selectively removed from both the front and back sides to expose the garnets, allowing light to shine through them, revealing the glowing, vivid burgundy-red color of the transparent gem Almadine. The Graphite that these are found in is an ancient remnant of the Upper Devonian Plate margin that runs the East coast of the US, one of the oldest recognized geologic features in the North Continent and anomalous for one would expect to find, with the Graphite twisted and folded from successive generations of tectonic shift and the Garnets growing in the Schist for many millennia, the only place in the world the occurrence has been found.