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Welcome Everyone! Thank you so much for tuning in to see the Flat and Parcel Sale. In this Collection you will find hand selected crystals that I've personally picked for aesthetic quality and value. Some parcels will have more than one quantity available, in this case I have a parcel similar enough as photographed to make up another lot that you will be just as pleased with as what is in the pictures. Not all pieces are photographed for every lot, in a few cases a representational selection of pieces with similar quality are shown to represent the whole parcel. Shipping is calculated for all parcels but if you have any issues with checkout or questions please don't hesitate to reach out. Have fun and hope you find something you love amongst these treasured stones I have for you to see today. 


FYI: (helpful tips for successful purchasing!) You can Sort the parcels by price from high to low or vise versa.

There is multiple pages to view so don't think its just what you see on the first page, use the arrows to toggle through. 

A Walking Liberty 50 cent piece is used for scale in these pictures: 

The Diameter is 30.6 mm or approx 1.25"