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The Little Gem Mine was discovered prior to 1918. Claim papers from that year reference an "existing pit". Claim was re-filed by Jerry Gray in 1958. Gray worked the surface sporadically for 30+ years, brought in heavy equipment to build road access in the early 1990's. His goal was to create a secure working environment protected from trespassers. He tunneled about 100 feet through solid granite to reach the core, where it appears he hit a large pocket. A narrow raise follows an aplite zone upwards and east; the raise opened a series of pockets that he extended into a drift, which runs parallel to the core.
The present owner purchased the claim after Gray's death. Since 2010 it has been worked from the surface, utilizing blasting and an excavator. Current work has exposed many pockets containing fine amethyst scepters and jacare' texture amethyst. The unique Morphology of these pieces is truly stunning and it is becoming known as one of the premier locales for Amethyst in the world. (Referenced from Mindat.Org) 

I truly am in love with these Amethyst, the textures....The formations- scepters, dts, multiple crystallization layers, etchings....the color and morphology and it's a US locale. How can you really not love them? Don't miss adding one of these classics to your collection now.